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Massage and Spa in Burleson /

Massage and Spa in Burleson /

Athletic Relief and a much need me-time

Being Athletic is a powerful skill but often our muscles get stressed. Island Massage friendly staff, massage therapist and estheticians are eager to make your spa experience extraordinary. Our goal is to provide a clean enviroment and an experience you want to tell your friends and family about. Thank you for your interest in our Sports Massage Treatment.

The Sport Massage is beneficial for all athletes. When your body's limits are maximized during exercise both muscles and hormones are affected. Muscle fibers contract and stretch repeatedly. This reaction causes tiny tears in the fabric of the muscle, the size of which depend on the intensity of the exercise. This causes the feeling of muscle soreness you might be familiar with the day after exercise.

Our patron's often ask;  "Why does exercise make my body sore?"
 • Your muscles often feel sore after exercise because they've been exposed to a stress they're unaccustomed to. Feeling your muscles ache or stiffen for a few days after exercise is normal and is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).
 •  During the healing process, your body builds those muscles up, creating increased strength.

We are conveniently located in Burleson near Crowley, one block away from the intersection of Renfro and Wilshire Blvd. Our Massage center, Spa Amenities and salon options are expanding and we look forward to showing what we have to offer.

If you have a question feel free to email us or call us during business hours. Our phone number is 817-349-0558.

Sports Massage
Benefits include a combination massage

Includes firm-pressure massage. Either focusing on the whole or specific areas of concern.

  • 50 min Swedish$90
  • 90 min$125

Massage Enhancements
  • Aromatherapy Lotion (Eucalyptus, Lavender, or Peppermint) $10
  • Peppermint Scalp Treatment $10
  • Deep Muscle Relief $20
  • Hot Stones with Aromatherapy $20
  • Seaweed Foot Treatment $10

Massage and Spa in Burleson /
Massage can improve your circulation

Massage and Spa in Burleson /

Our goal is to make you feel like a 100 bucks and help your tired body relax!
Contact us to schedule a well deserved body break (get a massage), achieve a clear, radiant glow (get a facial) and feel refreshed when you leave us.

Massage and Spa in Burleson /

We invite you to visit and decide for yourself but please consider our 100+ reviews. Book an appointment so your can discover the pampering and value we provide at Island Massage Spa and Wellness.

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