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Massage and Spa in Burleson /

Massage and Spa in Burleson /

Island Massage is growing and new services will be coming in the future.

Island Massage's goal is to offer a pedicure and manicure service in the near future. We promise our patrons will be one of the first to know.

If you have a question feel free to email us or call us during business hours. Our phone number is 817-349-0558.

Our goal is to make a place with peace, in a world full of chaos, to help you relax, escape and unwind.

We offer Escape Packages for indviduals and couples with extended night and business hours.

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Massage and Spa in Burleson /

We are equipped with over 15 estheticians and staff to provide you the experience you deserve.

Our quality equipment, cleanliness and tropical atmosphere are sure to please. We invite you to visit and decide for yourself but please consider our 100+ reviews. Book an appointment so your can discover the pampering and value we provide at Island Massage Spa and Wellness.

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