revive and brighten your skin


Lunch Time Facial – $50

This 30 minute  lunch time refresher facial incorporates our Glycolic mask to reveal brand new skin.

Sea Breeze Facial – $80

Our Seabreeze Facial includes our signature skincare line. Your choice of a papaya or mint mask. Deep Cleansing, PH Balance Toner and Massage.

Tropical Refreshing Facial – $80

This Island inspired facial uses our signature skincare line and includes a consultation and skin analysis. PH Toner,Deep Cleansing, Mask & Massage.

Sun Breeze Facial – $110

Our Sun Breeze Facial includes our signature skincare line. An antioxidant treatment.  A papaya or mint mask. Deep Cleansing, PH Balance Toner and Massage.


  • Glycolic Level 1 – $15
  • Glycolic Level 2 – $30
  • Glycolic Level 3 – $30
  • Chocolate Face Mask – $20
  • Collagen Face Mask – $10
  • Diamond Tone Microdermabrasion – $50
  • Hydrating Paraffin Face Mask – $30
  • High Frequency Treatment – $10
  • Milk Mask – $20
  • Papaya Enzyme Mask – $20
  • Vitamin C Treatment – $30

What is PEMF?

PEMF Therapy is a way to recharge every cell in your body, allowing your cells to be better able to excrete waste, uptake nutrient absorption, and function optimally. One of the best ways to know that your body needs a little extra support, is pain! Pain, fatigue, weakness, and emotional imbalances are all ways that your body cries for help. PEMF can provide your body with the extra support it needs and get you feeling back to 100%! Each cell in your body is like a battery, capable of holding so much energy.

Think of your cells like a mobile phone – over time they lose their charge and need to be recharged before they can function. There are various reason your cells may not be regenerating or maintaining enough charge: physical injury, toxicity, scar tissue, inflammation, and poor nutrition are just a few things that suck the life our of your cells.

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What is PEMF?

Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise is a therapy in which electromagnetic fields reach deep inside your body to exercise your cells. It causes your cells to expand and contract, similarly to when you work out at the gym. Just like your muscles, your cells need to be strong. Weak cells are characterized by low voltage. PEMF Cellular Exercise replenishes energy in low voltage cells. As your cells expand and contract, they are able to expel toxins and absorb nutrients. Your cells’ voltage increases and they grow stronger. High voltage cells are able to grow, heal, and reproduce successfully. Strong cells will create more strong cells!

What are some benefits of PEMF?

PEMF Cellular Exercise has also been found to support the body’s own healing ability by replenishing the natural charge that exists in healthy cells. When your body is healthy you sleep better, experience more energy, and are less likely to experience pain and inflammation.

What is the history of PEMF?

The basic technology has existed in various forms for decades, starting with Nikola Tesla’s alternating current in the 1800’s. About seventy years ago, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, PhD proved that disease was preceded by a quantifiable imbalance in our electrical charge. Shortly after, PEMF Cellular Exercise began being used to aid in bone growth. It currently is used to support whole body wellness.

Does PEMF Therapy hurt? Is it safe?

No, it does not hurt – you will feel a gentle pulsing or tapping. Many times our clients doze off during their sessions.

And PEMF is absolutely safe! This therapy charges your cells and allows them to function at their fullest capacity. Experiments conducted at Old Dominion University and supported by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research observed the effects of ultra-powerful pulses on living tissue. As an emerging field of study, Bioelectrics, has revealed that “these powerful, ultrashort voltage pulses do something nothing else can — harmlessly slip past the cell’s exterior to shock the vital structures within.”

What ages can benefit from PEMF?

People of all ages can benefit from PEMF therapy. There are no age restrictions. Senior citizens particularly enjoy PEMF, but regardless of age, your cell love a charge!

Is PEMF FDA approved?

Yes, the FDA first approved PEMF for bone loss in 1979 and over the years has continued to add more indications.

Who should NOT have PEMF?

If you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, have a history of seizure, or have any electronic device implanted in your body (that cannot be removed for the session), PEMF is not an option for you.

How do I schedule a PEMF appointment?
You can book an appointment on our website, call the office at (817) 349-0558, or come in to our office to schedule a PEMF Appointment. We do offer a Starter Pack that includes your first 3 appointments for only $99. Once you have completed those sessions, we’ll suggest a package that meets your needs.
What if I have had joint replacement surgery?

That’s no problem. Even if you have metal screws, plates, rods, or joints, you can still participate in PEMF therapy.