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Our Services

Customized massages and wellness services to help you feel great, all the time.


Relax, unwind, & heal.
Our therapists are here to tailor your massage to you and your body's specific needs.

PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy amplifies the naturally occurring energy in the body and encourages the body to function more effectively - increasing overall health and wellness.

Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detoxing works to lessen fluid retention, reduce inflammation, improve bladder control, balance the body's pH, and rid the body of residual toxins.


Working to care for the health and wellness of our community

Island Massage is inspired by my family’s love for Hawaii and the spirit of aloha. Our true mission is to make relaxation affordable and available for every(body) – because everyone deserves the chance to relax, regardless of their walk of life.

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Our Happy Customers

Fantastic massage! Probably the best I’ve ever had. Joy worked on me, highly recommend her. They were all very friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back.


Amazing! Great customer service, Therapists are amazing! A great thriving and growing business! Would recommend to anyone!


Thank you Today was a good day. Patricia was very thorough and hit all areas of concern. Thank you all for taking good care of me!1



Whether you’re curious about our services or want to schedule a session, we’re here to help and answer any questions you may have.